Formulated with Premium high viscosity index based oils and additives for a wide variety of hydraulic system

SAE 32       200L, 18L
SAE 46       200L, 18L
SAE 68       200L, 18L
SAE 100     200L, 18L
DIN 51524 Part2
Dennison HF-0, HF-2
Cincinnati Milacron P-69
US steel 127

Valvoline Ultramax Aw Oils are specially formulated for use in hydraulic systems employing high performance pumps. They possess excellent oxidation, demulsibility characteristics and high FZG rating. The products are further fortified with rust and foam inhibitors.
Valvoline Ultramaz AW Oils are formulated to meet Cincinnati Milacron P-69, DIN 51524 Part2, Dennison HF-0, Dennison Hf-2 specifications. They have good filterability, anti foam- properties, high viscosity index, excellent film strength and anti- wear properties to minimize wear in pumps, rings, pistons, cylinders and etc.

SAE 32
SAE 46
SAE 68
SAE 100