For over 140 years, Valvoline has produced the best quality motor oils – longer than any other oil marketer – and has served the needs of car owners.  Valvoline carefully formulates and offers a full line of motor oils to meet the specific needs of different engine types and driving conditions and to provide maximum performance and prolonged engine life.  It’s proven technology that you can trust.

5W40 (API SM/ SL/ CF)         4L, 1L
5W30 (API SM/ SL/ CF)         4L, 1L

DuraBlend has been developed with a unique blend of premium synthetic and conventional base oils with advanced additive technology to meet/exceed the requirements of modern engines around the globe.

15W50 (API SM/ CF)              4L, 1L
10W40 (API SM/SL/CF)         $L, 1L

DuraBlend provides protection under severe service conditions and meet the performance requirement of virtually all naturally aspirated, turbo charged and super charged gasoline passenger cars.

10W30 (API SM/CF) 4L, 3L, 1L
15W40 (API SJ/ CG-4) 4L
20W50 (API SM/CF) 200L, 4L, 1L

Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil is multi- grade engine oil formulated with advanced additive technology and highly refined, premium quality base stocks that protect today’s engines

15W40 (API SM/ CF) 4L
VR1 Racing Motor Oil’s exclusive chemistry is designed to reduce friction and enhance power. It is among the most popular engine lubricants in all types of racing including CART, stock car and grad racing.

15W50 (API SL/CF) 200L, 18L, 4L, 1L

Valvoline XLD Plus 15W50 has been especially made form superior quality base oils. It is designed to give performance, which is superior than any regular SL Gasoline oil.

20W50 (API SG/ CD)  200L, 18L, 5L, 4L, 3L, 1L

Valvoline XLD 20W50 has been formulated from high quality paraffinic base oils having a good oxidation stability and high viscosity index.