Valvoline provides a fullline of advanced lubricant protection for your diesel engines

5W40 (API CI-4/ API SL) 5L, 1L
Valvoline Diesel Synthetic is formulated with high quality synthetic basestocks and a boosted additive system. The hi-performance synthetic technology meets the stringent demands of modern diesel including EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) engines operating under standard and extended service intervals in a wide variety of service conditions.

15W40 (API CI-4/ SL) 200L, 18L, 5L, 1L
20W50 (API CI-4/ SL) 200L, 18L

Valvoline All Fleet Premium engine oil is designed to provide advanced lubricant performance in modern, low emission diesel engines, including those with EGR, operating under a wide variety of service conditions.

15W40 (API CF-4/ SG) 200L, 18L, 5L, 4L,1L
20W50 (API CF-4/SG)   200L, 18L,5L, 4L,1L

Valvoline All Fleet Turbo is formulated to provide optimum performance in modern naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines operating under a wide variety of service conditions.

40 (API CF/ SF)     200L, 18L, 5L, 1L
10W (API CF/ SF)   200L, 18L
30W (API CF/SF)   200L, 18L

Valvoline All fleet Plus 40 and 100W has been formulated from highly refined lube base stocks and carefully selected additive package comprising of antioxidant, detergent/ dispersant, antiwear and a special oil soot thickening agent.

(API CD/ SF)    200L, 18L, 5L, 1L

Valvoline Diesel Formjla 40 is heavy- duty engine oil with good detergency characteristics and oxidation stability. The product is manufactured from premiums quality base oils and selective addictive chemistry to keep the engine clean, prevent deposits and reduce water.